Amazon Key For Business Free Installation

AZ CCTV AND SECURITY partnered with Amazon to provide a new free program Amazon Key- to improve managing Amazon packages.

We recognize that your residents may be ordering more than ever from Amazon, and want to help them get the essential items they need, when they need them.

To that end, we’re reaching out to let you know about a convenient, contactless way for multi-unit buildings to receive Amazon deliveries both during this unprecedented time, and always. It’s called Key for Business.


Key for Business helps streamline vital Amazon deliveries to your building by authorizing driver access to lobbies and package rooms in real time via our patented delivery app. It enables social distancing by allowing drivers to make autonomous, “unattended” deliveries without interacting with building staff, touching a callbox, or waiting outside for access. And it greatly improves delivery accuracy with step-by-step instructions that guide Amazon drivers to leave packages in the location of your choice.

The benefits of Key for Business by reducing the need for you to maintain staff during Amazon’s delivery window, and allowing employees to spend less time managing packages and more time keeping residents happy.

Both the Key for Business device and installation are free of charge.

To learn more, call us to day for Free Evaluation. If you prefer we reach out to you, please provide your contact information.

This is How it Works

One of our AZCCTV technicians will install the Amazon the Key for Business device FREE OF CHARGE!! No cost to you now or in the future.

  • The Key for Business smart fob seamlessly integrates with your building’s existing access entry system, so your residents’ experience stays the same.
  • On delivery day, Amazon’s delivery drivers use the special Amazon delivery app to request access to the building. Drivers can only access public areas like halls or mail rooms and are tracked in GPS while at your property.
  • The Amazon Cloud validates the driver’s credentials using their ID, route, GPS location and time of request before access is granted. After the cloud validates the driver, then time-limited access is granted for delivery.

You can provide detailed delivery instructions, with pictures, and those instructions are sent directly to the driver. The result is an 80% increase in delivery compliance!

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